Indicator Setup

This page details how to setup your Power Probability Indicators in Trading View. In these instructions, we assume that you have set up a Trading View account, the appropriate data feeds, and either have a trial subscription or have purchased a subscription to our tools.

 List of Indicators #

The Power Indicator Suite is comprised of 5 separate private invite-only Trading View indicators – two which contains multiple tools:

  • Probability Power Indicators
  • Probability Power Calculator
  • Power Elastic Bands
  • Power Volume Indicator

These indicators are stored on the Trading View servers, with access granted based on your Trading View username. If you change your Trading View username after signing up, please let us know so that your subscription is not interrupted.

 How to access and install the Indicators #

Follow these steps to get access to the scripts and add the indicators to your charts.

  1. Log In #

    Log into Trading View using the username/email used to purchase/sign up for your Probability Power Indicators subscription. You must use the same Trading View username/email as your subscription and indicator access is tied to that particular username/email.

    picture of Trading View login window
  2. Open Chart Window #

    Go to the chart window

    picture of Chart button
  3. Open Indicator Selection Dialog #

    If you have multiple charts, select the chart to add the indicators and then open the indicator selection dialog by clicking on the indicator icon in the top toolbar

    picture of indicator button
  4. Select the Invite-only pane #

    Selecting the invite-only pane in the indicator selection dialog to access the scripts

    picture of indicator selection dialog with invite only pane circled
  5. Select Indicator #

    Single clicking on the invite-only indicators will add them to the selected chart.

    picture of indicator invite-only scripts to select

 iPhone/iPad/Android Indicator Access #

The Probability Power Indicators are compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile platforms as long as you use the “Full Chart” functionality.


The indicators are NOT compatible with the ‘Quick Chart’ or ‘Chart Preview’ feature shown below:

picture of non compatible quick charts or chart preview feature

On the iPhone and iPad, the user interface is slightly different from the web and app Trading View versions. Use the steps below to access the indicators and indicator templates.

  1. Gaining access to the indicators and indicator template buttons #

    On the iPhone and iPad, you gain access to the indicators and indicator templates buttons by pressing the circled ‘Plus’ button

    picture of how to gain access on iphone to the indicators and indicator templates buttonson
  2. Select the indicator or indicator template buttons #

    Indicators and indicator templates are accessed through the circled tile buttons.

    picture of indicators and indicator templates buttons on iphone

 Indicator Settings #

All the Probability Power Indicators have optional settings – some more than others. The individual indicators settings are discussed on the individual indicator sections. You can access the indicators settings by clicking on the “gear” icon to the right of the indicator title or via the 3 dot menu on the same line and selecting the “settings” menu item.

picture of how to access the indicator settings

You can also temporarily hide the indicaator on the chart by selecting the “eye” icon to the left of the gear icon, and remove it entirely from the chart via the “X” icon to the right of the gear icon.

If you want to hide the indicator names on the chart, there’s an upward facing arrow in the price chart pane under the indicator titles. Clicking on this icon will hide the indcator titles in ALL panes and turn it into a downward facing arrow. Clicking on the downward facing arrow will make the indicators titles visible again.