Welcome to the Probability Power Indicators™ documentation where we describe our tools, and the Trading View platform that underlies them, explain how the tools can be used, and provide a few case studies showing the tools in use.

In this documentation, we will primarily focus on the tools and their usage. Even with the overview, you will still need to spend some time in real market environments to familiarize yourself with the tools and understand the basic trading philosophy behind them – that we trade only when the odds are in our favor.

And like any other tool, it will take time to master the tools and their intricacies and to learn how to incorporate them into your own personal trading style.

These indicators have developed in real trading environments by real traders, who put their own money on the line. There are no false promises of making millions but are a real, no bs approach to professional trading. Are you ready to truly commit?

Our Trading Philosophy #

It is often said that trading is a risky venture and that you can’t be a real trader until you have blown up at least one trading account. The Probability Power Indicators™ and the trading philosophy behind them are intended and designed to help you avoid and overcome this hurdle and become a profitable trader as quickly as possible without false promises or false expectations.

We do this by using a combination of:

  • prudent capital allocation – where we balance our trading activities across riskier day trades, swing trades, and holding long term protected assets that generate passive income – and adjust those balances as market conditions dictate,
  • appropriate risk management – where we risk only appropriate amounts of capital on any given trade to minimize the chances of a catastrophic loss of trading capital,
  • practicing emotional control – where we only trade the sizes that allow us to effortlessly control our emotions and stress levels, and carry overnight only the amount of risk which allows us to comfortably sleep at night,
  • and use the Probability Power Indicators to identify high probability trades and trade setups where the odds are stacked in our favor and enable us to take reasonable risks with favorable odds.

When any one of these four is lacking, the odds of having a successful trade or investment fall dramatically.

A large part of our trading involves around structuring trades to account for all the possible market moves and exposing ourselves to a limited amount of risk.

We also look for favorable tax strategies that allow us to legally retain as much of our trading profits as possible, and work to incorporate those strategies into our trading decisions.

We do not believe in signal-based trading where signals may repaint or come after the fact, or where a given signal may or may not be appropriate for an individual. Instead, we encourage traders to develop their own style of trading and incorporate our tools, teachings, and philosophy to make prudent objective trading decisions based on probabilities rather than someone else’s black box signal.

What we offer #

The Probability Power Indicators are a set of tools that help you identify high probability trading situations such as locations of major and minor trend reversals and other situations where the trading odds are in your favor. The tools can be used for a range of trades from short-term intraday trades to weekly swing trades to long-term investments across a wide variety of markets such as stocks, ETF, Futures, Forex, cryptos, and more.

The documentation primarily focuses on the tools, and briefly touches on capital allocation and timeframes. We offer additional training and trade ideas, through our social media platforms – Trading View Platform – PowerIndicators, the Power Indicator YouTube channel, a Twitter feed – @PowerIndicators, and Facebook group PowerIndicators.

Our primary discussion forum, however, is our Discord group, where links to all our social media postings will be posted along with current market analysis and important documents and news articles that are related to trading. We encourage you to stop by and ask any questions you might have – whether about the basics or something more exotic, to participate in discussions, and share your trading ideas. Having a group of like-minded people, who can offer a variety of viewpoints, will significantly speed up your understanding of how the tools can be used.

We encourage you to ask your questions in the Discord room – more likely than not, an experienced trader will jump in and answer your question.

About Us #

You can find out more information about us and our Team on the about us page (In addition to having a former hedge fund and prop firm trader plus an ex-Apple developer, the entire team trades and invests, and has been passionate about the markets for many years.)